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tis the hoildays

so i want to make a new law with in 10 days of a national hoilday you should not be aloude to get fired. takes a good bit of joy of of the damb hoilday. that be said if it was a rule it would have been broken. so not i am one a job hunt in a season i dont want to be looking for a job you cant ever find a real job this time of year anyway.
on a happier note: my hubbys younger borther moved in and her is very nice and layed back. he dosent get much done however.
fariy and tiger


 so maybe i sould post en entry.
 to those of you dont know or have forgotten i am in skool at trendsetter
 i dies my hair and it matched ghost_light in color
i have just burnt my toung ofn my spilt pea and ham soup.
 i hate snow and it hate me  thus making every part of my hurt like i want to cry.  i need to vent if people couldnt tell.  but plz do not for get i love each and every one of you with all me heart and sole
fariy and tiger

what the fuck

Current mood: pissed off
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

good fucking god! so i try to help my husband and what do i get?   yelled at. the comany is getting fucked over. i can watch is fall under and it is faster then watching paint dry. mike doesnt get the idea of how bad it is and im not even hearing every ones side i hear what he has to tell me and as his wife i hear a lot and i give hei my advice and he tells me im not working hard enough. well you knpw fucking what. i wasnt aloud to have a job growing up liek most kids i sat home and babysat my little brother. NO not babysat i raised my lil bro. with out me he would be a lot more fucked then he already is. he was growing up to at like a respectful kid not seince i left  mom screwed that up. not the whole working thing for me is differnt. when i wanted something all i had to do as a kid was ask sure it took a lil convinsing some times but i got what i wanted most of the time for living on my own i like to think that i am doing a fairly decent job. i dotn have a hight school education. mike doesnt like the idea of me in the military. what the fuck am i supost to do?



Friday, March 07, 2008

Current mood: i am irish hear me RAWR

for those of you that dont know im in KS. mike and i were haveing problem and i needed to get away. but you know me by now i run from  trouble. but it just seem to fallow.  Why KA you ask. well this summer i met my real dad. and god i got the short end of the stick. he's 6'4''. what the hell happen to me?! my crazy mother tried to keep us apart. but woth me being the way i am and always needing to fine the end never stop looking. it took a lost of yelling but i get to the end of my surch in augus of 07. i got to go meet dad in sept of 07 and of to the biggest irish festavil and the US. yep thats right im a real irish women and guess what that mean for you? sorry im suborn and pig headed and get  what i want when i want it.

fariy and tiger


my room mate and several of my good friend are always talking about sex and verious idea for sex. i buy $90 worth of langerie and i dont get any EVER. i was the girl that aways had some one to do what ever i wanted them to do.i feel deprived. the worse thing about it is the my mother inlaw has gotten more then me in the past 4 months. is there some thing wrong with me?
fariy and tiger


i hate him right now. he hurt me and all i really wanted was for him to say sorry and he couldnt do that. he cant controle his anger. i dont want to be marred any more and i am join the nationl gard and i should be out of here by my one year  anavercery.
fariy and tiger

one of those day again and again

anter my taribly grasful fall yeasterday my body still hurt and as duck calls them i am running out of happy pills. and in the big picture i runnng in o a halt that will make my days a lots worse then they already are.
fariy and tiger

thank you

to day i had quite the fall and i want to thank my duck and my ghost_light  two beloved people that were there when i needed them most. and my lil sis.  with the help ad duck i got heavely medicated.  and then there is the  bfg  who wanted to do all he could to help and i  lied to say i was fine liek i always do. go home to house full of cats that i love so very much and then are always very heart warming.

    the dizzy acey rocks slightly back and forth pnadering on the advice she reciverd form ghost light and the one tarifing bit of imformations that she finaly had the guts to tell her. wondering if that was okay.  eye slowly starting to water up . but shh dont tell any one. ms. acey is a big girl and dose not let any one know when she is hurting. :)
mr angry

load in

most of load in wasn't that bad but it got worse the drama queen  (whom my husband swears is gay) decided that i was wrong and took it upon him self to just go above me the being because im young and he is so much better then i am. NO mr. drama queen just because you are some 40 year old virgin that does not mean you are better at anything that i can do. so shave this stick up your ass and go fuck you self this is not your production anyways so don't go messing with me set.