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thank you

to day i had quite the fall and i want to thank my duck and my ghost_light  two beloved people that were there when i needed them most. and my lil sis.  with the help ad duck i got heavely medicated.  and then there is the  bfg  who wanted to do all he could to help and i  lied to say i was fine liek i always do. go home to house full of cats that i love so very much and then are always very heart warming.

    the dizzy acey rocks slightly back and forth pnadering on the advice she reciverd form ghost light and the one tarifing bit of imformations that she finaly had the guts to tell her. wondering if that was okay.  eye slowly starting to water up . but shh dont tell any one. ms. acey is a big girl and dose not let any one know when she is hurting. :)
Tags: ghost_light, lies, pain, tears, thanks

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