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good fucking god! so i try to help my husband and what do i get?   yelled at. the comany is getting fucked over. i can watch is fall under and it is faster then watching paint dry. mike doesnt get the idea of how bad it is and im not even hearing every ones side i hear what he has to tell me and as his wife i hear a lot and i give hei my advice and he tells me im not working hard enough. well you knpw fucking what. i wasnt aloud to have a job growing up liek most kids i sat home and babysat my little brother. NO not babysat i raised my lil bro. with out me he would be a lot more fucked then he already is. he was growing up to at like a respectful kid not seince i left  mom screwed that up. not the whole working thing for me is differnt. when i wanted something all i had to do as a kid was ask sure it took a lil convinsing some times but i got what i wanted most of the time for living on my own i like to think that i am doing a fairly decent job. i dotn have a hight school education. mike doesnt like the idea of me in the military. what the fuck am i supost to do?



Friday, March 07, 2008

Current mood: i am irish hear me RAWR

for those of you that dont know im in KS. mike and i were haveing problem and i needed to get away. but you know me by now i run from  trouble. but it just seem to fallow.  Why KA you ask. well this summer i met my real dad. and god i got the short end of the stick. he's 6'4''. what the hell happen to me?! my crazy mother tried to keep us apart. but woth me being the way i am and always needing to fine the end never stop looking. it took a lost of yelling but i get to the end of my surch in augus of 07. i got to go meet dad in sept of 07 and of to the biggest irish festavil and the US. yep thats right im a real irish women and guess what that mean for you? sorry im suborn and pig headed and get  what i want when i want it.

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